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Cappadocia Standart Balloon Flight

Cappadocia Standart Balloon Flight

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Standart Balloon Flights are available everyday depending on weather conditions!Standart balloon flight offers you the most reasonable flight in Cappadocia to enjoy it in a very economic way.

About this excursion

  • Tour Duration :  2,5 hours (1hour flight)
  • Price :   $199.00    $299.00
  • Location :   Cappadocia,Göreme


  • Transfers from/to your accomodation,
  • 1 hour balloon flight in 16-20 people cappacity baskets,
  • Full insurance up to 10.000.000 € per person,
  • Commemorative certificates or rosettes,
  • Light breakfast.(tea,coffee,fruit juice,snacks)


Standart Balloon Flights are available everyday depending on weather conditions!Standart balloon flight offers you the most reasonable flight in Cappadocia to enjoy it in a very economic way.

% 90 of balloon flights organised in standart flight conditions and avarage flight time in the air is approx. 1 hour.( 55-70 minutes depending on wind conditions) in 16-20 people in baskets.

Very early in the morning about 1 hour before sunrise we start picking up our clients (From april to october between 04.30-05.30 from november to april between 05.30-06.30) and bring them to our restaurant for an early breakfast (tea,coffee,fruit juice,snacks),while we are preparing the balloons for the flight.

Then we bring you to our take off platform where you will watch last preparations and take nice pictures just before the balloons take off.Balloons start rising right before the sunrise and you meet the sunsrie in the air.(Depend an weather condition )

After having this extraordinary experience for about 1 hour, balloons start descending and we celebrate the flight after landing with champagnes and drinks.We also give you a flight certificate as commemorative of the day.We transfer our clients after all before 08.00-08.30 back to accomodations.

Note :Fot the exact pick up time you will be e-mailed or called by our office1 day before the flight between 17.00-19.00 o’clock.

General information about hot air balloon flights in Cappadocia

Take off points of balloons : every day we change the place of take-off depending on the speed and direction of the wind so we can show you the most charming and beautiful valleys and hills of Cappadocia to make you have an unforgottable experience.

What we need wear : you shoul put on long pants and tops with long sleeves,preferably made of natural fibers and suitable shoes for outdoor suit and also to have quite warm coat with is not a bad idea as it is cold at first and warmer later.

How high the balloons rise : Generally we will fly over valleys very low sometimes you will be able to collect even fruit from trees,but sometimes depends on request from the guests we may go up to 500 meters from the Ground.When the wind is calm, officially we have right to rise up to 800 meters above the ground level.

Can the children fly : child must be at least 6 years old to join this activity.According to the new regulations implied by civil air foundation, children from 6 years old are also considered as an adult.That's why there is no discount for children.

Yearly flying periods of Balloons: hot air balloons in Cappadocia fly 12 months depending on weather condition.In practice from October to March there will be more cancellations due to weather conditions and from april to october almosr everyday you see the beautiful dances of tha balloons in Cappadocia

When the balloon flights are cancelled: when the wind speed is above 10 km and not stabilised for long time ,during heavy rain or foggy weather conditions,cause the flights be cancelled.In case of cancellation due to weather condition you will receive the full refund of the payment for balloon flight.

Flight area and distance of balloons: hot air balloons take off near Goreme town and they can go from 4 to 20 km depending on the wind speed on the day of the flight,sometimes even 30 km flights are possible.

Can pregnant women fly: Unfortunately not,if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, you should not join hot air balloon activity, due to possible bumpy landings it is not recommended for pregnant women and is also quite prohibited by law.

What about bad landing: it does not happen often but sometimes we might have a bad landing.Usually we land very calmly, but if the wind increases while we are landing unexpected bumpy landings may happen.If you obey the landing position and rules told by your pilot you land quite safely.

When we meet you: we come for you to your hotel about 45 minutes before sunrise and take you to our office for check-in and Breakfast.

Do we see the sunrise from the hot air balloon: we usually take off with the sunrise and fly during the Golden hour - the best time for photography but sometimes due to weather conditions we may take off later for your safety.

Why hot air balloon flights are organized so early: because it is the best time of the day when the wind is not very fast, there are no thermoses and not too hot,the perfect time for balloon flight.

Return to the hotel: our drivers will take you back to your hotel after a balloon ride by a car or a minibus.

The size of the baskets: we use CameronTT basket with different sizes. They have 4 cabins for passengers. There will be a maximum of 4-5 people in each part of the basket and the height of the baskets is 120cm.

Where our balloons were made : all the balloons we have were made in England in 2014 and 2015


  • Cappadocia,Göreme
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