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Volcanoes in Cappadocia



Erciyes is one of the highest mountains (3917 m) of Anatolia and is situated at the south-west of Kayseri. İt’s the foremost volcanic mountain of the region whose volcanic activity started in the miocenic stage and lasted until the rcent geologic time.
The Erciyes Mountain has a diameter 18 kilometers and covers an area of 1500 square meters, with volcanic basins to its  east that reach up to heigts of 1200-1700 meters. ERCİYES which ıooks older and ahabbier than the Hasandağ , spurted out tuffs and then andesites during its volcanic activity. Towards the end stage of this active period it also erupted basalt lava.
The peak of this volcanic mountain which the Hittites called”Harkassos”ör”the White Mountain”is always covered with snow. The Hittite Pantheon Which comprised almost a thousand gods,also had very significant mountain gods, one of which is believed to be the Erciyes Mountain.
The mountain gods of the Hittites are seen clearly on the reliefs we know today. The ancient peoples have worshipped Erciyes for long ages and this mountain god emerges as an important deyti even at the Roman period , together with the emperor and jupiter cults.
ERCİYES which was then called”Argieus”, appears on all the minted coins of thisregion.


Hasandağ is one of the most beautiful mountains of Anatolia,and is 2300 meters higher than the plateau at its foot and 3300 meters above sea level . This double-peaked mountain has come to existence in the same period as the Erciyes but looks much younger . İt welcomes the guets of Cappadocia in all its splendor and is covered wits snow almost throughout the year