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Rivers of Cappadocia


The Melendiz river is born at the foot of the Melendiz Mountain and is one of the crucial rivers of the Cappadocia region . Melendiz is fed by quite a number of streams, and as it passes through ıhlara and the Selime village,it creates the famous ıhlara Canyon.


Kızılırmak is the longest river of Turkey.it’s born in the east of the country and draws a big loop in central Anatolia before it rises northwards and flows into the black Sea. Kızılırmak is approximately 1182 kilometers long and it’s named after the color of its waters.
This river and its streams are one of the sources of Cappadocia ‘s wonderful scenery. The Hittites called it 
“Marassantia “ and in the Graeco -Roman period its name was 
“Hallys “. The loop of this river is,along eith other civilizations, the cradle of the Hittite Empire.